Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First Blog message using Sailmail (test)

Still in Sausalito... we've been saying for over a week that we're "going to leave tomorrow", but just haven't done it. The main reason is fog out there - we keep hoping for a spell of less foggy weather, as our next couple destinations won't have the advantage of a mountain between us and the foggy stuff like we've got in Sausalito. It's amazing - the fog spills over the top of the hill that's between us and the ocean and rolls down the side, but disappears before it reaches the water on this side. Quite often we can't see across the water to San Francisco, even though it's only 2 miles away. Sometimes can only see the tops of the buildings over there due to the fog blowing in under the Golden Gate. The weather seems to be cooling off, so we're getting antsy to move south. I think we'll make it out of here this week... maybe tomorrow.