Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On our way home

Just a quick note to say we're on our way to Bellingham (currently in Hawaii, awaiting the next and final flight).

Whew, we sure had a lot of stuff on Imagine! Lots of packing over the last few days. We've got the airline luggage allowance absolutly maxed out, and are freighting a container (plus a bunch of boxes that didn't fit in the container). Who knows where we'll put it all when it arrives, but at least we won't have to deal with the container for over a month. That should give us a chance to get settled somewhere first. There was much stress in the final days because the (empty crate) was a day and a half late, arriving after 2pm on our last day (4am shuttle pickup). It was a bit of a panic to stuff it all in, and dismay that it didn't all fit. We'd have sold some of it if we'd had time, but in the end decided that the cost of freight is less than the cost of replacing items.

Flight is boarding now...

Cheers, -Pete


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