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Let's see... writing about oneself is always awkward.  I was born in 1970 in Enumclaw, WA to a Canadian mom and an Austrian dad. We lived on a small "hobby farm" in Enumclaw and had horses, chickens, cows and a big garden.     My two sisters were the horse lovers - I was more into mechanized things.   I moved to Bellingham in 1989 to attend Western Washington University, and married my high school sweetheart, Kellie Dyer, in 1992.  I've got a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked at Alpha Technologies in Bellingham for 9 years designing power supplies for communications networks (telephone and cable TV).   My hobbies (before sailing full time) were: windsurfing, mountain biking, fixing things, gardening (especially hydroponics),  growing aquatic plants and tropical (freshwater) fish in various aquariums (5 or so going at one point) and, of course, boating.

I like to fix things... I've always looked for good deals on fixer-uppers.  Our first and third houses were big projects and the profits from their sales were the most significant sources of funds enabling us to go cruising.  My first car was a $300 Honda Accord that was totaled when I bought it, but lived on in some incarnation until we got married.  I've never owned a car that cost more than $2500.  There were a couple of project Porsches, several motorcycles (dirt and street), and several other cars.  Boats included a 10' hydroplane, 32' Tollycraft that I lived on while at university, 24' Bellboy and 26' Tollycraft... all significant projects (i.e abandoned or at least non-functional).

Going sailing is probably one of the three "biggest changes" in my life.  (accepting Christ and getting married are the other two).  Hopefully the cumulative effect is a good one - spending lots of time with my wife, finding a way to serve Him while we're out here, and exploring God's creation.