The trip home
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Long story short(ened)...

Fuel system problems stalled the engine somewhere between PV and Cabo, and the weather wasn't cooperating.  There were large swells but no wind, except for the occasional squall.  It took a week to make the crossing we'd figured should take 3 days.   After rolling around for a few days within sight of Cabo, but unable to get there, nerves were wearing thin.  Their friend jumped ship when they got to the dock, and the spent a few days (and lots of pesos) getting things back in order.

We didn't expect to hear from them until they got to San Diego, and had a map on our refrigerator that we were doing DR plots on their (hopeful) progress.  We watched weather and wind patterns hourly, cheering when it looked favorable, and hoping for the best when it didn't.  Turns out it wasn't ever actually favorable on the water...    Hurricane Ignacio formed and started chasing them but we figured they'd be well north of it.  You can imagine our concern when they called from Magdelena Bay (several hundred miles south of where they "should" have been.   They were tired and feeling beat up, the engine had quit working again not too far north of Cabo, and the genoa had started comming un-stitched.   They recommended I find a way to truck the boat home...   I told them there was a hurricane about to clobber them, and strongly recommended getting back to the boat to prepare.   Kellie and I had a VERY anxious weekend waiting to hear news.   Fortunately, as Ignacio crossed over land it lost strength.  Lots of rain fell for a few days, but eventually we got a call that all was OK.  I made plans to fly to Cabo with some friends to make repairs and take it from there.  A few days later they called in high spirits and said they were going to go for it... they'd call from San Diego in about a week.  

A little over a week later, we got a call from Turtle Bay...  Plans were laid again for a rescue mission and my friend Chad and I embarked on a long trip to Turtle bay.