Cleaning Up
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There's lots of work to be done to make the boat look nice that have nothing to do with making it seaworthy, so they're not at the top of the priority list.  We figure there will be plenty of time for the detail work once we're on our way.  A few things just "had to be done", tho.  The portlights in the cabin side needed re-bedding (that IS a combination seaworthy /"comfort" priority - drips in the cabin are very bad for morale).  As long as they're out, it'd be nice to make them shiny - once they're back in it'd be a very difficult and messy job.  Also, the interior cabin sides are going to get a fresh coat of paint before putting the portlights back in.

portlight_polishing.jpg (106581 bytes)
Portlight polishing progress...

clean_portlights.jpg (52316 bytes)

Re-installed over newly painted cabin sides - looking much brighter inside!